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 is about the Multiplayer of Mass Effect 3.

The Founder of ME3MPW has brought back the ME3MPW after it was deactivated on July 4th 2012, due to managing between her other Wikias. now that ME3MPW has returned, it is up to the Founder and its new members, Editors, Admins to update the most Completed Information that ME3MPW has to offer. it's also the place for any new and better information to keep you updated on current events of the games. even on the Current Operations and past Operations as well is home to everyone's MP Characters. we also have nice Kits/Builds for the people who wants to beat Gold, Silver, Platinum Matches.

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January 27th, 2013.

ME3MPW's Chat has been brought online for instant chat.

Mass Effect Social Network has been added to ME3MPW's Official Forums.

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